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ICC note- Last week, the Pope had condemned the Anti- Conversion Bills in India as an unreligious move. As a result the Hindu Fundamentalist Party (BJP) had accused the Pope of interfering in their internal affairs.

Government “should publish data on conversions and anti-Christian attacks”

Nirmala Carvalho

AsiaNews (5/25/2006)– India ’s government “should draft a White Paper with information about atrocities committed against minorities, especially Christians”. This should also “indicate how many people were charged and tried for crimes listed by anti-conversion laws”. Otherwise, “the protests against the pope are not in good faith and laws against forced conversions are useless”. This appeal was launched by the All India Catholic Union to the Central Government in response to Bharatiya Janata Party’s accusations against the Pope. The Laws against conversion exists in six to seven states and the spate of anti-Christian violence in most of these states has been a black spot on India ’s Human Rights Record as noted by Amnesty International…. [Go to Full Story]