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Google’s Censorship of Anti Islam Messages

(Olive Tree Views) While the media wastes valuable time on Aruba , the Duke scandal, American idol, and other nonsense, a real hate crime could be taking place. The Internet search engine giant known as Google has cut off its news relationship with a number of online news publications that include frank discussions of radical Islam.

Google wrote to one news source saying, “Thanks for writing. We received numerous reports about hate content on your site, and after reviewing these reports, decided to remove your site from Google News. We do not allow articles and sources expressly promoting hate speech viewpoints…..”

Others have observed a pattern of intolerance toward conservative sites that deal with radical Islam and terrorism.

Last June, a conservative book publisher said Google rejected his ad for a book critical of the Clintons while continuing to accept anti-Bush themes.

The company also came under fire for an editorial decision to rank news articles in search results by “quality”, giving preferential placement to large and predominately liberal media outlets such as CNN and the BBC over conservative news sources.

For ministries that rely on Web site traffic for growth, Google cooperation is essential. Yet now the giant is threatening to cut off truth-telling organizations and news sources if they come down on radical Islam. What can this be called but cyber-terrorism without the bloodshed?

Consider just a few organizations that could be dropped by Google, making it difficult for folks to locate them if they are new to the Internet or trying to locate the source of a prominent news story. Some who could be cut off would be the likes of Bill Koenig’s, Hal Lindsey, Jack Kinsella, Dave Hunt, the Christian Worldview site of Brannon Howse, World Net Daily, NewsMax, and even Olive Tree Ministries. Cyber-censorship could greatly harm some smaller ministries and news organizations whose specialty is telling the truth about the gravest enemy to every hit the planet, radical Islam.

Many wonder what lies behind this. While some Google founders are from Russia , one shouldn’t leap to conclusions here. In all honesty, there is simply no search engine outfit that can compete with them and the tens of thousands of computers that are a part of their processing network. They are an empire unto themselves and have done so by hard work and business and technical savvy.

Perhaps it is time for a conservative counterpart to arise that would have equal clout. As a matter of fact, that day may be needed sooner than one would like to think.

The day is coming when the Antichrist will rule the media in a similar fashion. He will determine who gets heard and who is silenced. One of his greatest tools will be the Internet and this could be but a foreshadowing of that scenario. In the meantime, pray a prayer of protection over the truth-tellers on the Internet. Cyber-terror is already here.