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Bible Exhibit Should Be In China , Says Chinese Christian

ICC NOTE: There is a greater need for a Bible Exhibition in China; however, Chinese Christians are not allow to publicly circulate religious materials.

The Christian Post

Wednesday, May. 24
The China Bible exhibition should have been in China, said a Chinese Christian rights activist visiting the United States after meeting with the staff of a persecution monitor organization on Tuesday.
Dr. Li Baiguang was one of three Chinese house church Christians – including renowned activist writers Wang Yi and Yu Jie – to visit U.S. President George W. Bush earlier this month at the White House in Washington , D.C.

“I hope they could move this (exhibition) to the big cities in China . If the people can know more about the Bible that is great,” Li said.
“If they (the official church) used the money to bring the exhibition to Chinese people, then the result is better,” he said, pointing out that there was a need to promote the Bible to the nation of 1.4 billion where “many people have yet to know” the “true meaning” of Christianity.
“I wish the official church would not waste the money, and go to the countryside to spread the gospel and not go to the United States to do this show,” Li added.
Under official religious regulations set in place since last year, Christians – including those worshipping at government-monitored churches – are not allowed to propagate their faith outside of church.

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