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Below is a transcript of a meeting between Condoleeza Rice and Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister, Saud Al Faisal. Rice asks him a question regarding Saudi State textbooks. Why is this an issue at this level? Because Saudi’s are indoctrinated from the first day of school to hate Christians and Jews and infidels in general.
It’s not a byproduct of the culture, it comes from the educational system controlled by the royal family.
After reading his remarks, read a response from Ali Alyami from the Center for Democracy in Saudi Arabia. The Saudi’s spend hundreds of millions each year to buy influence in the US congress, media, and educational system. This is on top of the influence they already posses via their oil trade with the US.

Remarks With Saudi Arabia Foreign Minister Saud Al Faisal

Secretary Condoleezza Rice
The Treaty Room
Washington , DC May 18, 2006

SECRETARY RICE: I’d like to welcome His Royal Highness Prince Saud Al Faisal the Foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia . The principal purpose of this meeting was to have our second session of the Strategic Dialogue.

QUESTION: Mr. Minister, there’s been criticism of your country for the way the

textbooks are written and though the country has pledged to change the language

in the textbooks, there are still charges that not enough changes have been

made. Can you bring us up to date on that and tell us whether all language

which is offensive to some religions other than Islam has been excised?

FOREIGN MINISTER SAUD: The education reforms in Saudi Arabia go beyond textbook rewriting. And they go into teacher training, directions or the messages that are given to children in the formative years and this is done for our own security and our own education and standard the ability of our young people to

compete in the marketplace with anybody else in productivity.
They have to be educated in the proper system of education. And so the whole system of education is being transformed from top to bottom. Textbooks are only one of the steps that has been taken by Saudi Arabia .

A Response From Ali Alyami from the Center for Democracy in Saudi Arabia
The Saudi princes have successfully conned, fooled, and made fun of the American officials for the last 70 years. They had managed cleverly to hijack the US policy in the Middle East and to drug the American decision makers into believing that the Saudi ruling family is sincere and truthful.
Those who see things from thousands of miles away and have had no real first hand experiences with the Saudi royal family would read the below press release and say: This sounds reasonable, beneficial and the Saudis are trying clean things up.
Those who know the Saudi ruling family, its history and its strategies know that what the Saudi princes say and do are very different.
Quiet diplomacy never works with tyrannical regimes. Only intense public pressures and courageous news organization can make a difference when it comes to changes in internal and external policies of the House of Saud.
Saud Al-Faisal is right, a total transformation of the Saudi educational system is a must, but how is that going to happen?
A former reformer education minister was removed and replaced with Mr. Alobeid, a Wahhabi religious extremist who used to be the director of the World Muslim League whose literature encourages the killing of Christian and Jews. Don’t our officials read or analyze anything?