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Islamic Agenda in Da Vinci Code?
Agape Press
…It has been learned that a Muslim provided most of the funding for the making of The Da Vinci Code, which opens in U.S. theaters today (May 19). That revelation has added to the anger of some religious leaders who have criticized the movie for its anti-Christian content. Rob Schenck of the National Clergy Council was surprised when he was informed that a Muslim’s financial support made the film possible.
“It is enormously disappointing to know that a Muslim is behind the funding of this film,” says Schenck. According to the Christian activist, this demonstrates the double-standard by which Islam operates. “Islamic leaders would never tolerate in any form a Christian attack on Islam,” he says, “and yet here we have a report now of Muslim financial backing for what is nothing more than a scurrilous attack on the faith of Christians.” Schenck says studio producing the movie owes American an explanation. “Sony Pictures owes it to the public to come forward with that information and [explain] why they would accept a Muslim attack against Christianity when I am sure they would never do it the other way around,” he says. According to Internet Movie Database, the two-and-a-half-hour movie cost an estimated $125 million to make. [Bill Fancher]