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ICC Note:

These attacks reveal Islam’s aggressive goals. Not only are the content to cause strife in countries in the Middle East and where there have been Muslims for a long time, but Muslims continue to believe in world conquest, and Kenya is a close next target.

NAIROBI, May 13 (Xinhua) — Four hooded men raided a Christian radio station in Kenyan capital Nairobi on Friday night, shooting dead a night guard and a station worker, injuring some others and leaving the studio partly burnt from a petrol bomb, workers said on Saturday.

The workers said the Hope FM, run by the Nairobi Pentecostal Church was attacked at about 10.30 p.m. (1930 GMT), soon after a program that discusses Christianity and Islam had been aired.

The program’s presenter Damian Moses who was in the studio during the attack escaped with a bullet grazing his finger after he fought off one of the attackers before the hooded men hurled firebombs into the studio.

“One of the gun men asked me if I was a presenter and when I answered he pulled out his gun and I pounced on him, engaging him a fight until this gun dropped and I managed to escape,” said Moses.

“He was pointing a pistol at my head and when he cocked I knew I had to fight for my life. I deflected his hand just as he pressed the trigger. I then kicked him, he fell down and I ran back inside shouting. The station technician sensed danger and switched off the lights,” said Moses.

The radio presenter said the attackers followed him inside but could not trace them with the lights off. “They then went to the main studio and switched us off air,” he added.

Area police boss John Ngare said a handgun and eight spent rounds of ammunition have been recovered from the scene.

Ngare said no arrests had been made and the motive for the attack was not yet clear, saying investigations were underway to apprehend the attackers.

The station’s reception area has been badly damaged with burnt furniture strewn all over.

However, the fire did not get to the main studio, said Hope FM operations Director, Jemimah Muturi, adding that the attack occurred shortly after the end of the station’s Swahili evangelical program.

The raid knocked the 24 hour station off air for over nine hours but the station, which was switched off last night, is now back on air. Enditem

Editor: Yang Li