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Founder of Islamist Forum Arrested for Terror Plot Against Swedish Christians

AINA Three would-be jihadis were arrested for plotting to a terror attack against a Christian minister in Sweden . One of those arrested was the founder of the Islamist web forum, known only as ‘Mehdi’. The Islamist forum, like most terrorist websites, has a disclaimer that it is unmoderated:

“We do not encourage ‘terrorism’

. And we follow Swedish law and orders, i.e. freedom of speech”

Interestingly, the three first met at the Terrorist Media website–a site originally dedicated to uncovering and unmasking terrorist propaganda which we’ve linked to on occasion. Notice that the url for Terrorist Media website includes “nukem” in it.

“Mehdi” has also been twice convicted on drug related charges and has served time in jail. Perhaps this is where he became interested in militant Islam?

One of the three men detained is a native born Swedish national who denies converting to Islam. His attraction to helping terrorists? It seems that something about the Islamist hatred of Israel and Jews resonated with “Johan”.

The last of the men charged is the son of Bosnian refugees.