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ICC Note:

Man who converted from Islam to Christ has been targeted for “defaming Islam,” beaten by a mob resulting in wounds on his head and ears, and jailed.

HCJBWorld Radio (05/05/06) – An evangelist affiliated with Gereja Sidang Jemaat Pentakosta, an Indonesian church, is awaiting trial at the Tasikmalaya Provincial Court after being accused of “defaming Islam.” His arrest came after a violent incident on Wednesday, March 8, when hundreds of Muslim radicals beat the 55-year-old man in front of his house.

The incident began when he heard a commotion outside of his house and asked the people who had gathered, “What’s happening? Who are you looking for?” When he told them his name, the mob threw him on the ground and started beating him up.

The evangelist, who asked not to be named, suffered wounds in his head and ears and fell unconscious. The attack stopped when police officers intervened and brought him to a detention cell to be “protected from those who wanted to harm him.” He was later transferred to a local prison where he remains.

The evangelist was initially charged with “doing a displeasing act,” but the local prosecutor later accused him of “defaming Islam,” a crime that carries a maximum sentence of five years in jail. Representatives of the Indonesian Council of Clerics have visited him regularly in the prison, trying to convince him to return to Islam.

“They knew that I used to be a Muslim,” he explained. “I accepted Christ as my Savior in 1998 after a pastor came to me and miraculously healed my stroke. Since then, I dedicated my life to following Jesus by being an evangelist in my hometown. I won’t leave Jesus now.”

Source: Open Doors