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Hopegivers International News Alert

By Robby Brumberg

COLUMBUS, GA (May 1, 2006) – Hopegivers President Dr. Samuel Thomas received bail today from the Jaipur High Court and will be released tomorrow after spending 47 days in Kota Central Jail in Rajasthan. Dr. Sam, as he is known to millions around the world, has been held on charges that he “created communal disharmony.”

Hopegivers Founder Bishop M.A. Thomas was also granted bail on the same charge from India’s Supreme Court on April 20.

The news of Dr. Thomas’ release is being applauded by supporters of the humanitarian mission worldwide.

“We praise the Lord for this decision. The Lord has heard our cries and those of his children around the world! Now it is time to get back to focusing on what we do best, caring for abandoned and orphaned children,” said Hopegivers Program Director Shelley Thomas, also the wife of Dr. Sam.

Hopegivers is still waiting on decisions from the courts for their operating licenses to be restored and for their bank accounts to be unfrozen in Rajasthan.

Hopegivers International is a global child care agency with a vision to rescue orphaned and abandoned children.