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Bail Granted to Christian Woman Accused of Blasphemy
ANS (04/29/06) – Naseem Bibi, a Christian woman charged with desecrating a poster of Khana Kaba, the Muslim holy place in Saudi Arabia was released from jail on bail on April 22 after posting surety bonds of 50,000 rupees ($832.628 USD)

According to the Pakistan Christian Post (PCP) she was arrested on March 3, 2006, under section 295 B & C of Pakistan Penal Code on Muslims’ accusations that she had desecrated a flyer of Khana Kaba.

“I love Jesus Christ too much. I often saw Him in my dreams. Jesus met me many times in my dreams and showed His love to me. That is why I have emotional attachment with Jesus Christ,” PCP quoted Naseem Bibi as telling Sohail Johnson, the coordinator of Sharing Life Ministry Pakistan.

According to the PCP report Naseem Bibi further told Sohail Johnson: “On March 3 2006 I was at my home and washing clothes. A protest march was passing in our street. My elder daughter told me that Muslim protesters are making sign of cross on the heap of garbage and hitting it with shoes. I could not control myself when I saw that Muslim protesters were desecrating cross. I shouted and quarreled with them. They were in large numbers they started to beat me.

Meanwhile someone phoned to emergency police. Heavy force of police and four vans of military came there and freed me from the clutches of fundamentals. They took me to the police station and on the same day they sent me to the jail”.

Naseem Bibi is the mother of four children. Her youngest child is only seven months.

She has taken refuge in Lahore with her husband and children for safety of life as attacks of Muslim extremists are feared if she moves to her home in Kasur district, the PCP said.