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London North Korean Protest Results
Over 60 protestors gathered today outside the North Korean Embassy in London at 12.30 to protest over the death sentence against Mr Son Jong Nam sponsored by CSW.

In a powerful visual depiction of Mr Son’s intended fate, a protestor was bound to a tree outside the Embassy with three strips of cloth, in imitation of a North Korean execution. His head was shrouded in a symbolically blood-stained cloth, giving a striking representation of the effect of the bullets typically fired by three marksmen at the head, chest and stomach of victims of execution in North Korea .

Protestors wearing gags observed a minute’s silence for Son Jong Nam . Songs were led by the internationally-known artist Graham Kendrick and prayers and chants were made in English and Korean during the peaceful protest.

A letter was read over the microphone to the crowd and the silent Embassy. As the North Koreans refused to respond to all approaches, the letter was finally delivered via the Embassy’s postbox.

The letter stated: ‘We are deeply concerned that the treatment of Mr Son and his lack of access to the judicial process are in grave violation of international standards that are binding on the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea .

‘We cannot accept that a nation which has diplomatic privileges in our nation should blatantly violate its international obligations. We urge you to take immediate and effective steps to ensure international law is respected and that the breaches of these laws in the case of Mr Son are remedied as a matter of urgency.’

Another protest for Mr Son was held in South Korea earlier today. Twenty-four agencies lobbied the National Human Rights Commission to call for intervention to save the life of Son Jong Nam , and a letter and petition were presented by Mr Son’s brother, Son Jong Hoon.