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Christian Minorities in Iran Seek Freedom to Proclaim Faith in Public

Courtney Lee
Christian Post
Christian minorities in Iran are confined to sharing their faith only within their communities, a Swiss Catholic Church delegation reported after a weeklong visit to the Islamic country.
“On one side they are happy to live in a country where they can practice their faith. They can organize mass, they can pray and they can have churches,” said Mario Galgano, spokesman for the Swiss Bishops Conference.
“But the problem is they cannot do more than this. They cannot speak about their faith outside their community. They don’t have freedom of religion.”
As a result most Iranians knew little of Christianity and other religions, added Galgano.
“I think it is too early to say that we are closer to a better understanding between Christians and Muslims,” he said. “These were just the first steps and we must continue the dialogue towards the final goal of peace.” >