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Open Conversion to Christianity In Egypt Still Difficult
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Despite the Egyptian government’s recent decision to allow missionaries of “all monotheistic religions” to work in the country, it is still dangerous for one to convert to Christianity.

A report by the EFE news agency noted the case of Mary Tanagho, a 20 year-old Egyptian Christian whose family has lived in the United States of America for 24 years because of death threats against her father for distributing Christian pamphlets “intended for Muslim faithful.”

“The police stormed the clinic where my father was working in Cairo and took him to jail, where he spent six months without being accused of a single crime,” Mary said. She said the pamphlets led some Muslims to the convert to Christianity.

Mary’s father was pressured to abandon all religious activity and after receiving death threats, he left the country.

A spokesman for the Catholic Church in Egypt , Rafiq Gresh, told EFE that if a Muslim converted to Christianity and managed to keep it hidden, when he dies “he will be buried in a Muslim cemetery.”