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Gospel for Asia president discusses the big picture of the Hindu “all-out war” against Christians, and tells how the church is growing even stronger in the face of increased persecution. (04/19/06) – The president of Gospel for Asia says it appears that Hindu militants have declared an all-out war against Christians throughout India . Recently across that country, Christians have been falsely accused of crimes, arrested, and beaten — all for witnessing to Hindus.

Dr. K.P. Yohannan is founder and president of Gospel for Asia, which trains native Indians for missionary work throughout India . He says GFA tells its workers to expect persecution as they serve the Lord.

The persecution and violence being waged against India ‘s Christians is not being carried out or sanctioned by all Hindus but is being perpetrated by “extremists in the Hindu religion, like we have in any religion,” Yohannan points out. “They are the ones who are taking the lead like the Taliban,” he says.

“But this is not getting easier,” the ministry leader continues. “I tell my brothers and sisters, let’s not be looking for easy times in the days to come, because persecution is definitely on the increase, and it is in the midst of persecution and suffering that we are going to see the kingdom’s work done.”

Earlier this month, the government of Rajasthan became the sixth state in India to enact an anti-conversion law. In other states with such legislation, Christians have been targeted for attacks by Hindu extremists.

Nevertheless, Yohannan notes, Christians in India are standing strong, and the increased persecution has only increased the effectiveness of the church’s witness across the country. “We have more people coming to Christ now,” he says, “especially in places where the worst persecution is taking place.”… [Go To Full Story]