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ICC Note: Three Catholic men accused of enflaming sectarian violence are facing the death penalty while no Muslims have even been on trial for the same incident.

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AsiaNews (04/18/06) – Indonesia ’s Supreme Court, the Mahkamah Agung (MA), has given the green light to a second appeal for three death row Catholics. The court has called on the Attorney General not to carry out the execution while the review is under way.

The MA has appointed a panel of judges to evaluate the second appeal presented by the lawyers of Fabianus Tibo, Dominggus da Silva and Marinus Riwu, three Catholics condemned to death for their role in violence in Poso in 2000. “The judges chosen are different from those picked for the first review,” said Judge Djoko Sarwoko, MA spokesman. The new judges are Timur P. Manurung, Harifin A Tumpa, and Paulus Effendy Lotulung, a Christian.

The spokesman said: “The MA had no intention of granting a second revision of the case. However, seeing the national and international concern for the fate of the three convicts, it decided to approach the issue with caution