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Two Christian women arrested for promoting conversion

ICC has received a report that two women in the Jabalpur district of Madhya Pradesh in India for attempting to convert people.

The arrested are Mariamma Mathew, 36, and B. Godwil, 65. They were arrested Friday after police were informed that they were distributing pamphlets promoting Christianity.
Madya Pradesh passed a religious freedom act mandating that anyone organizing religious functions or campaigning for their religion needs permission from a government authority.

Christians in Madya Pradesh have been under pressure for some time and there has been a rise in attacks there since the rise of the BJP there 2.5 years ago. There have been other arrests and attacks on Christians in the capital of Madya Pradesh, Bhopal .

The real problem is that the Christian population is exploding and the radical BJP (Hindu nationalists) are threatened by this and are attempting to stop the spread of Christianity, hence the anti conversion legislation passed by the BJP.

ICC wonders how many Hindus have been arrested in Madya Pradesh since the passage of the anti conversion legislation.