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ICC Note:

Go out on the web and look at different versions of reports of this attack. You will see the same maddening pattern that we see from the press around the world in coverage of attacks on Christians. The incident will be described as communal tensions, religious conflict etc. You will see many articles that won’t list who was injured (Christians). The idea is that it was a generic riot.

Coptic Christians attacked in churches
By Hugh Miles in Alexandria

Egypt ‘s Coptic Christians came under attack again yesterday as one was stabbed to death and at least 12 wounded in four of their churches. Within the space of an hour, three places of worship were targeted in the centre of Alexandria and a fourth in Abu Qir , 15 miles east of the city.

Noshi Atta Girgis, one of at least three people attacked at the al-Quidissin church, died of his wounds in hospital.

After his death 500 Copts gathered outside the church to voice their anger, some waving banners that read: “Until When?” or “Stop the persecution against Copts”.

“God help us,” shouted the crowd when the call for prayer sounded from the mosque opposite the church.

Farida Mikhael, the sister of one victim, was worshipping in St George’s church in Alexandria when the attacker struck.

“As we were entering the church I saw a man holding two swords who shouted at us ‘unbelievers, unbelievers!'” she said.

The man waited until the service had started before entering the church and stabbing three worshippers, she said. “No one stopped him as everyone was afraid to get injured.”

The attacks marred the run-up to the Copts’ Easter celebrations next week and were the worst outbreak of sectarian violence in Egypt in six months.

Tensions in this conservative part of Egypt have been running high since the stabbing of a Coptic Christian nun in Alexandria last October.

Muslim Brotherhood gains in December’s elections have worsened matters for Egypt ‘s Copts, who make up about seven per cent of the population.

“We are persecuted everywhere, in school, in our lives,” said the sister of one victim. “But we should not be persecuted when we are praying.”

Police officers told The Daily Telegraph that there had been only one attacker, who was both drunk and mad.