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Forbidden Books For Your Reading :The Life and Religion of Mohammed – The Prophet of Arabia” Reverend J.L. Menezes Written 1912

This book has come to our attention and we would urge you to read it if you want to understand the roots of the current Islamic world situation.
It is very hard to find, even doesn’t keep it in inventory. CAIR (the Council on American Islamic Relations) has threatened several sellers of the book. It will help to explain why the Muslim world is trapped in a time warp of the medieval ages and why it is out of sync with the modern, civilized world. It was written in 1912 long before the modern political situation of Islamic terrorism.
Many of today’s 1.2 billion Muslims believe that Mohammed was a peace-maker in the same tradition as Jesus, Buddha, or Gandhi. They truly don’t know who this man was. This book’s author reveals, Mohammed was anything but a religious peace-maker.
The book, The Life and Religion of Mohammed – The Prophet of Arabia, was not written to insult Muslims. The author, Reverend J.L. Menezes, was a Roman Catholic priest who lived and administered among Muslims, and who strove to speak “the truth in charity” to the souls in his care.
Here are just some of the insights into Mohammed the book deals with.
– How worldly ambition gradually blinded Mohammed’s mind and overwhelmed his early searches for the true God.
– How Mohammed ordered the assassinations of several of his chief opponents.
– How Mohammed again and again justified his plunder and licentiousness with new “divine revelations.”
– Why Mohammed grew so bitter against both Jews and Christians, after initally courting their favor.
– How even Mohammed’s replies to his critics in the Koran are insufficient to refute the charge that he fabricated revelations.
– Islamic “tolerance: Mohammed let Jews and Christians live in his domains – if they paid tribute and accepted second-class status.
– The early history of Islam: Just as bloody as the life of its founder.
– The crisis caused in Islam by the death of Mohammed’s only son – which continues to this day.
– How the Koran doesn’t limit Muslims to four wives, as is widely believed, but actually sets no real limit.
– Why the new relgion Mohammed taught became so commonly identified with war and politics.
– Muslim Sunnis, Shiites, Sufis, Motazalites and more: the differences between the various Muslim sects, which is now playing out in the Iraqi War: Muslims killing Muslims.

You can find this book at Catholic books