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Kosovo: The real test of U.S. foreign policy

By Aleksandar Pavic
If you want to see a place where Christians are outside of the law on their own ancestral land – come to Kosovo.

If you want to see American troops committed to establishing a narco-Islamic state on Christian land – come to Kosovo.

If you want to see Christian churches, monasteries and cemeteries desecrated on an almost daily basis, under the noses of thousands of Western soldiers – look no further than Kosovo.

Seven years after William Jefferson Clinton launched a bombing campaign against a European Christian land in support of the Islamic terrorist Kosovo Liberation Army, it’s as though the bombs have never stopped falling on the Christian remnant in Kosovo. Whether Clinton did it to divert attention from a burgeoning sex scandal, or whether it was part of a global anti-Christian campaign by Western liberals with a cultural death-wish, the results for the Kosovo Christians – and all non-Albanians in Kosovo – are the same.

And the U.S. State Department is doing everything to make sure it stays that way, with a strong supporting role of the United Nations, Britain and Germany .

That’s right, the might and the resources of U.S. diplomacy are being used to tear away a Christian European nation’s spiritual and historical cradle and hand it over to a terrorist-breeding, white-slavery peddling, heroin-pushing narco-Islamic camarilla in Kosovo, which has, by all accounts, made the province into “Afghanistan in Europe.” During the current U.N.-brokered talks on Kosovo’s “final status,” U.S. diplomats are tirelessly promoting the “necessity” and “inevitability” of Kosovo’s independence.

There are well over 1,000 Christian churches and monasteries in Kosovo, many filled with priceless medieval frescoes from the Byzantine era, in which Italian art historians have spotted the beginnings of the Renaissance about a century before it appeared in Western Europe . At least 150 have been destroyed by Muslim Albanian mobs since Clinton ‘s post-bombing deployment of NATO “peacekeepers” in 1999. The rest are menaced on a daily basis. Those that are lucky enough to be protected have armed NATO troops and barbed wire around them.

In its drive to secure Kosovo’s independence from Serbia, preferably by the end of 2006, U.S. (and U.N.) diplomacy has helped install Islamic hardliners to top Kosovo political posts – people with gallons of Christian (and Roma, and moderate Albanian) blood on their hands. It has supported the revocation of international arrest warrants against them, as in the case of new Kosovo “Prime Minister,” Agim Ceku, a man whom Canadian U.N. troops wounded in Croatia in 1995 to stop a killing spree against unarmed Serbian villagers in another “U.N. protected area.” Ceku had an Interpol warrant against him lifted in March “in line with his new duties of prime minister.” And U.S. diplomacy brings other terrorists, such as Hashim Tachi, aka “the Snake,” to Washington , D.C. , as it did this January, to promote the cause of narco-Islam on Christian soil in the highest forums of American foreign policy.


It is said that more than 600 years ago, when the first news of the Battle of Kosovo came to Western Europe, telling of a victory of the Christian Serb army against the Ottoman Turks, the bells of Notre Dame cathedral in Paris rang out joyously in celebration.

Actually, this fierce battle on the Field of Blackbirds (the meaning of the name of Kosovo) ended in a draw, with both the Serbian Prince Lazar and the Turkish Sultan Murat being killed in battle. But the weakened Serbia , pressed from the north by the rival Hungarian kingdom, never recovered. It is then, as the story goes, that the bright red peonies that bloom by the millions each year on Kosovo’s plains made their appearance, growing out of the soil consecrated by the spilt Christian blood. And it wasn’t only Serbian blood that would be shed in the coming centuries. It was not until combined Slavic and German forces threw back the huge army commanded by Grand Vizier Kara Mustafa Pasha at the walls of Vienna in 1683 that the tide against Ottoman Turkey began to be turned back and the Christian West could finally breathe easier.

Now, 323 years later, the West’s secularized elites are doing everything to help Islam – an especially aggressive and corrupt variety of it – make a big comeback in Europe, with the United States taking the leading role.


Some say that it is because the State Department, at least the part dealing with the Balkans, is still staffed with Clinton-era secular globalists pursuing their own agenda. But this cannot be an excuse for an administration that sees itself as Christian. We know what the Bible says about pragmatism when moral issues are at hand: Better that you are hot or cold than lukewarm, for you shall be spewed out like salt that has lost its flavor. And that’s the present U.S. policy in Kosovo.

To what end this “pragmatism” (if that’s what it is) except straight to Hell? There is no getting around it. Jesus said, “Whoever is not with me is against me.” So, what of those who actively or passively give aid to the burning of His churches on Kosovo? What sayest thou, Christian soldiers?

Where were you when Christian Kosovo burned? Did you cry real tears and help, or give aid and comfort to His enemies? Take heed, Christian Americans: A great anti-Christian crime is currently being committed in your name on Christian Kosovo. You cannot say that you haven’t been warned. Now it is up to you to do something.

You cannot in good conscience support Kosovo’s independence. For that shall mean its final destruction as a Christian land. What can you do? What is the only consequent Kosovo policy for American Christian policy makers? Demand that the destruction of churches, monasteries and cemeteries stop, that anti-Christian persecution stop, that Christian Serbs and other non-Albanians be allowed to return to their ancestral homes protected by their own armed forces. Help them renew their houses of worship, which were destroyed under the “protection” of U.S.-led international troops.

You can support Kosovo’s autonomy within Serbia , with equal rights for all. But not independence for the Islamic narco-bosses running the place and their brand of anti-civilization. That’s the current State Department agenda, the same as the agenda of the United Nations and European secularized, suicidal elites. That would be abomination. And, make no mistake, that would, ultimately, be the end of Christian America. For this crime will not be forgiven in the only place that counts.