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Muslims Force Home Church to Close

by Benteng Reges

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AsiaNews (03/28/06) – A crowd of Muslims of Griya Bukit Jaya Housing Complex, in Bogor Regency of West Java Province, forced a Christian pastor, Fekky Tatulus, to stop his Sunday service and to close his home church on Sunday 26 March. The reason given was that the lack of a permit to hold religious services in a private house.

The attack took place in the presence of around 200 members of the Indonesian Pentecostal Church – Gereja Pentakosta of Indonesia, better know as the GPDI – of the area. It is the first case of this kind since the approval of new, controversial ministerial decrees about building places of worship: numbers 8 and 9 of 2006, promulgated on 15 March last.

The incident started when some Muslims of the residential complex, together with others who came from outside, forced the pastor to interrupt the service. They set up blockades in the area to prevent the Christian congregation from meeting again.