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Afghan President intervenes in Christian convert case
Zee News

Kabul, Mar 25: Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai has personally intervened in the case of a man facing execution for converting to Christianity, a top official said today, amid fierce criticism in the West.
Karzai was consulting with various government organisations to resolve the matter as soon as possible, the senior government official said on condition of anonymity.
“The President is personally working to resolve it peacefully. There is a way out of it,” he said. “I believe it’ll take one or two days.”
Another senior official said yesterday evening that the convert, 41-year-old Abdul Rahman was likely to be released from jail soon. He said the matter would be discussed at a top-level meeting today.
Rahman was arrested under Islamic Sharia Law about two weeks ago after his parents went to the authorities, reportedly following a family dispute.
Sharia Law, on which the Afghan Constitution is partly based, rules that a muslim who converts away from Islam should be put to death.
The case has attracted widespread international condemnation, especially from the united states which led the campaign to remove the fundamentalist taliban regime in 2001 and is destitute Afghanistan’s main donor.
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