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ICC Note:

Reading this transcript will help understand readers what the Saudi’s have been spreading around the world via their funded Mullahs, mosques, and maddrassas (Islamic boarding schools). Via these means, the Saudi’s have infected and radicalized much of the Muslim world with hatred for Christians, Jews, and all infidels.

The following are excerpts from a recorded will of Al-Qaeda Commander in Saudi Arabia Fahd Al Farraj, aired on on March 17, 2006.

To view this clip, go to MEMRI TV

The will of Commander Fahd bin Farraj Al-Jweir Al-Farraj, one of the commanders of the Al-Qaeda organization in the Arabian Peninsula .

Drive the polytheists out of the Arabian Peninsula

Fahd Al Farraj: “I want to clarify and to reiterate the goals we wish to accomplish, with Allah’s help, and to respond to some doubts about the mujahideen, raised by the scholars of evil, who level such accusations against them. First of all, the goal of our jihad is to elevate the word of Allah, to drive the polytheists out of the peninsula of Muhammad , to apply his law in all aspects of life and on all people, and to remove injustice from our oppressed brothers everywhere.”


“To all the Muslim peoples wherever they may be, I say: How long will you remain silent? How long will you accept this humiliation and degradation? How long will you continue to be ruled by the law of the tyrants, yet remain silent? Where is your Islam? Where is your worship of Allah? Islam is not a religion in name only – it is a religion of faith and action. The Crusaders, the Hindus, the Zoroastrians, and their apostate helpers rule and control you and your brothers. They are fighting against your religion, and are fighting you in your livelihood. They are violating your honor, yet you remain silent. Have your humiliation and degradation brought you that low? Would you agree to become apostates, Jews, or Christians? Would you agree to abandon the religion of Islam?”


“I ask every Muslim on the face of the earth: Would you agree that one of these infidels enter your home, and violate the honor of your sister, your mother, or your daughter? Of course you would not. The women in Palestine , Iraq , Afghanistan , Chechnya , Indonesia , Kashmir, and the Philippines are our sisters, our mothers, and our daughters. I am amazed how you can continue to sleep undisturbed, while your brothers are being killed, and the honor of your sisters is being violated. Awaken from your slumber, and support your oppressed brothers. Fight for the sake of Allah, and you will receive one of the two good things: victory or martyrdom.”


“To the security forces, I say: I am amazed at you. When you are told to wage jihad, you cling to this world. But when [Saudi Interior Minister Prince] Naif Bin Abd Al-‘Aziz tells you to sell your souls to his government and to fight for his sake, and to defend the Americans, in exchange for 3,000 riyals and hell – you are willing to sell your souls cheaply. Have you stooped so low? Are your souls worthless for you? He calls you ‘martyrs of duty,’ but think what you will say to Allah if you meet him, after having killed a mujaheed who fought for the sake of Allah, in order to defend the Americans, or if he killed you when you were defending the tyrants. Stop working for the tyrant, and join the mujahideen, otherwise – you know full well who the mujahideen are, and what they have prepared for those who stand in their way.”


“To the Saudi government, I say: All I say to you is what the Prophet Muhammad said to the infidels of Qureysh, when he was alone: ‘I have brought slaughter upon you.’ By Allah, your kingdom will come to an end. The mujahideen will defeat you. Do you know why? Because Allah supports us, and no one supports you. Do you know why? Because Allah said in the Koran: ‘If you support Allah, He will support you,’ and we trust and believe in the promise of Allah. If you only knew what our young men have in store for you, you would be busy arranging your escape from this peninsula.”


“To the Americans, I say: Get out of the peninsula of Muhammad , and all the lands of the Muslims, and stop supporting the Jews in Palestine and the Christians in the lands of the Muslims. Otherwise, you will encounter only death, destruction, and explosions.”