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Afghan Clerics, in Friday Prayers, Call for Convert’s Execution

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KABUL , Afghanistan , March 24 — Afghan clerics used Friday Prayers at mosques across the capital to call for death for an Afghan man who converted to Christianity, despite widespread protest in the West.

One speaker, Mawlavi Habibullah, told more than a thousand clerics and young people who had gathered in Kabul that ” Afghanistan does not have any obligation under international laws.

“The prophet says when somebody changes religion, he must be killed” he said.

He and others demanded that the country’s political leaders and judges resist international pressure over the case, placing them squarely at odds with President Hamid Karzai, who has promised to bring democracy to Afghanistan.

The case has exposed the contradictions within Afghanistan ‘s constitution, which promises freedom of religion on the one hand, and on the other declares Islam supreme.

Shiekh Asif Muhsini, a Shiite cleric, emphasized that the constitution says, “No law can contradict Islam and the values of the constitution.”