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ICC Note: The Philippine Government is promoting madrassas (Islamic schools) as a solution to peaceful coexistence with Muslims. Recently they allocated funds for materials and teacher training in madrassas, and now they are giving them recognition in the national education system.

Interfaith studies in schools by Joyce Pangco Pañares

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Manila Standard Today (03/23/06) —The Philippines yesterday pushed a six-point action plan to incorporate interfaith studies in elementary and high schools to promote unity between Christians and Muslims.

In a five-page paper, The Role of Education in Promoting Interfaith Cooperation, the Philippine delegation to the Cebu Dialogue on Regional Interfaith Cooperation stressed the need to start early in removing religious biases among children.

“The Philippines affirms that education has an important role in promoting interfaith cooperation and a culture of peace,” the paper said.

“The ultimate goal of interfaith education is to enable us to learn new ways of thinking and acting based on mutual respect.”

The action plan also advises initiating interfaith projects for students and faculty, training teachers on interfaith understanding, developing instructional materials on interfaith studies, and promoting madrasah or Islamic schools.