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ICC NOTE: Yet another calculated move on the part of the Sudanese central government to further their agenda of islamization, and destroying the life of black Africans from Darfur .

Christian Aid condemns closure of humanitarian office in west Darfur

20 Mar 2006

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Source: Christian Aid – UK

The offices of Christian Aid’s key partner, the Sudan Social Development Organisation (SUDO), in west Darfur were closed on 12 March 2006. They were shut down by the Humanitarian Aid Commission (HAC), the government agency which oversees all humanitarian activity in Darfur .

HAC has cited a new bill covering the activities of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) as justification for this latest action against SUDO. It has been ordered to hand over all assets of its offices in Zalingei, shut down its health and nutrition centre and food distribution unit. It has also been ordered to provide the HAC with a full report on its income and expenditures.

The bill has been passed by parliament but is not yet signed by the President, raising questions of its legality. It is the first time the new ‘Organisation of Humanitarian and Voluntary Work Act’ has been invoked.

‘Our work in the region is increasingly difficult because of the deteriorating security situation. The use of this NGO bill is just another tool of the government of Sudan to restrict our purely humanitarian work.’

Christian Aid fears the new legislation will further undermine the work of human rights and humanitarian organisations.

On 16 January 2006, the SUDO office in Zalingei was ordered to suspend all its activities. It was later reopened following discussions with the HAC.

The latest order to close the clinics and feeding centres appears to follow a pattern of harassment and obstruction of NGOs working in Darfur .

Dr Mudawi, SUDO’s director, who has also received two international human rights awards in the last year, was arrested twice last year and held for several weeks.