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ICC NOTE: Over a hundred people were killed in February as a result of religious violence in Northern Nigeria. Many of the victims were Christians.

Group urges UN to investigate religious killings in Nigeria


Wednesday, March 15, 2006

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The Igbos resident in Canada, under the aegis of Mbadike of Canada have appealed to the United Nations Organization and the International Human Rights Organization to launch a full investigation on the wanton killing of the Igbos in the last month religious crisis in the Northern and Earthen Nigeria and the impending census.

The group President Mr. Emmanuel Anozie in a statement to Vanguard urged the Igbos all over the world to rise up and make their resentments known, adding that the Igbos can no longer continue to endure and suffer in silence.

Anozie said that the ugly incident was only the most recent in a series of pogroms that the Moslem North has grown accustomed to inflicting on defenseless Christian Igbos through the years.

Regardless of the source of provocation, Anozie noted that the Moslems in the North always capitalizes on the flimsiest of excuses to unleash their innate despise for the Christian Igbos. “This latest massacre, triggered off by an event that took place in far away Denmark , a serious and mind bugling case in point. The Nigerian Government, by paying a not surprising deaf ear to these latest killings has, as usual, given its silent approval” he said. According to him, the Mbadike of Canada has expressed its intense disapproval of the impending March 2006 census which plans to disregard religion and ethnic origin.