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ICC Note

Christians in Burma have suffered greatly because of the military “junta” – a brutal group of army and militia who torture, rape, bribe and kill to get whatever they want.

Christian arrested and detained for writing to Burma junta chief

Democratic Voice of Burma

Christian Arrested and Detained in Burma

Mar 13, 2006 (DVB) – A member of Christian evangelical church who wrote a letter to Burma’s military junta, the State Peace and Development Council (SPDC) chairman Gen Than Shwe urging him to end the persecution of his church, was arrested and detained at a police station in Pa-an, Karen State.

Yeh Zaw was arrested on 25 February at a checkpoint in Pa-an and his family was only notified on 9 March, his wife Naw Sa Eh told DVB.

“A police corporal informed me on the phone that he is being detained at the police station. His health is good but he is not feeling good about it and the like,” said Saw Eh. “He is going to be tried on either 22 or 24 (March). Another corporal told me to bring money to hire lawyers and the like. He is charged under (Acts) 420 and 406 he said.” Although Yeh Zaw was accused of travelling without identity card, he was charged under Act 420 for lying.

Yeh Zaw was taken away by Pa-an based army personnel and interrogated on 10 March, added his wife but she didn’t know why.

Yeh Zaw resided in the compound of Rangoon Insein Kanphawt evangelical church whose members were banned from worshipping recently by the local authorities.