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Select Page (03/10/06) – CAA learned that a registered church in Henan province was raided and three church leaders were arrested. A prominent Chinese Christian musician has been under house arrest in Beijing . Multiple arrests of House Church leaders occurred in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region and Shanxi province.

According to an eyewitness report, at 11am on March 6th, 2006 (Beijing Time) in Qiaozhuang Village , Wangmingkou Town , Xiangcheng County , Henan Province, a registered Protestant church was raided by officers of the Chinese Public Security Bureau (PSB). Three church leaders were taken into custody including Pastor Liu Tuanjie (34-years-old), Mr. Li Xueqin (52-years-old), and Ms. Ma (whose first name is not available). While Pastor Liu and Mr. Li are still in custody, Ms. Ma was released after her family paid a 3000 yuan ($400) fine.

Four PSB officers surrounded the church building while approximately 50 believers were receiving Bible training from Pastor Liu who is from Shangshui County , Henan Province. The PSB declared the gathering an “illegal evil cult” training though that church is certified by the government through the Three-Self Patriotic Movement. In China , unless there is explicit permission from a higher authority, even the government approved clergies are forbidden to minister in a different city other than his so-called “designated area.” In order to control the growth of religion, the Chinese government imposed a so-called “Three-Designate” policy (San Ding) which means only the government “designated” (certified) clergies are allowed to perform religious services in a “designated” location at a “designated” time.

Meanwhile, a prominent Christian musician in Beijing , Mr. Su Wenxing, was recently placed under house arrest. The 34-year-old Mr. Su is regarded as one of the best conductors in the country for oratorio and religious songs by Mr. Bian Zushan who is a renowned Chinese conductor. In 2001, he conducted the full-length Messiah in Chinese at the Beijing Concert Hall which was the first time that the work was sung in Chinese in a concert hall since the Chinese Communists took control in 1949. In 2002, the Choir of National Symphony Orchestra and the China Film Symphony Orchestra performed the full-length Messiah under Su’s baton and won thunderous applause at the Forbidden City Concert Hall. The Chinese government’s concern continues to grow over Su’s Christian faith and message and the fact that he conducts the Messiah every year during the holiday season. Su was born to an ethnic Miao family in Shaoyang in Central China’s Hunan Province . His mother was a well-known Miao folk singer.

In April 2004, the Chinese central government cancelled an “Easter Chorus” and other works with the China National Orchestra when Mr. Su was scheduled to conduct the performance of Handel’s Messiah at the Beijing Music Hall . Many foreign diplomats in Beijing were very dismayed that they were not able to attend that event. A source familiar with this case told CAA that Mr. Su was told by two government security agents that he had been closely observed for two years. The two agents who stand 24-hour guard at the door of Mr. Su’s apartment formally warned Mr. Su that he could face arrest if he continues his “provocative (evangelistic) activities” through his Christian themed music performed among house churches in China and worldwide. Last year Mr. Su conducted a evangelistic music activity for 10,000 people in Singapore . The Chinese government has repeatedly denied Mr. Su’s registration application for his Christian music school called Canaan Music School .

CAA also learned that at 3 to 4 PM on February 13th, a simultaneous campaign against the House churches in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region was conducted in 11 counties. More than a dozen major church leaders were arrested. Most of them were released after being detained for a few days. Pastor Lou Yuanqi is still held at Huocheng County Detention Center . In Shanxi Province , two House Church leaders were taken into custody on March 6 from their homes by PSB officers from Baihe County , Shanxi Province. Both Pastor Ruan Yonggui and Pastor Liu Fukao belong to a well-known House Church group called China Gospel Fellowship.

“The attack on the registered church and arrest of her pastors certainly demonstrates the Chinese government’s double talk when it promises to protect the church in exchange for registration” said Bob Fu of CAA. “We urge the Chinese government to immediately release these innocent Christian leaders.”

Letters of protest and concern can be sent to the Chinese Embassy.

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Issued by China Aid Association, Inc. on March. 10, 2006