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Christians living in Muslim regimes experience persecution on a daily basis because of their faith. By imposing harsh standards of living, and an oppressive way of life, Islamic hardliners not only make Christians suffer, but many moderate Muslims also disagree with their way of leadership.

Sharia slaughter fear

The Herald Sun

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ISLAMIC hardliners demanding sharia-style laws risk triggering a bloody backlash, one of the country’s leading intellectuals warned yesterday.

Editor of the respected Tempo magazine Bambang Harymurti likened the danger to the 1965 anti-communist bloodbath which some say left up to a million people dead.

A fierce debate over sweeping morality laws backed by Islamic parties in the Parliament have infuriated the vast majority of moderate Indonesian Muslims.

There have even been threats of secession in mainly Hindu Bali and the Christian-dominated Papua province.

Balinese leaders have said bikini-clad tourists could be arrested under the laws.

Indonesia is the world’s largest Muslim nation but has largely shunned the strict Islamic ways seen in the Middle East .

“People are angry . . . but they are afraid of them because they are militant and are numbering hundreds, sometimes thousands,” Harymurti said.

“But because they’ve created such bad will for a few years, when suddenly the tables turn people are more than ready to basically slaughter.”

Parliament, with a large bloc of Islamic MPs, is debating whether to amend the crime code to outlaw anything that could offend decency or arouse lust in children.

That includes husbands and wives kissing in public, de facto couples, homosexual sex, flashes of thighs, navels, bottoms or breasts, punishable by up to 10 years’ jail and fines of more than $100,000.