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Muslims Target Christian Evangelists


By Gary Lane

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The Christian community in Pakistan faces danger every day. Christians are a tiny minority in the Muslim nation, and they’re often the target of brutal attacks. But Christians say they’re not going stop serving God.

Muslims, outraged over offensive cartoons, began rampaging through Pakistani streets. This time their anger is directed against Denmark and the United States .

But more often than not, when radical Muslims take to the streets in violence, Pakistan ‘s minority of Christians bear the brunt. This is what happened in February, in the town of Sukkur .

Radical Muslims burned down two churches, St. Mary’s Catholic Church and the St. Savior Church. False rumors that a Christian desecrated a Koran – Islam’s holy book – triggered the attacks.

Pakistanis Mumtaz Bibi, Mohan Shazad, and a female evangelist we’ll call Esther were all brutally assaulted because of their Christian faith.

Each has a story to tell of persecution at Pakistan ‘s brick kilns.

Poor and uneducated, many Pakistani Christians are forced to work in the kilns, and that is where much of the persecution is occurring. This is especially true for those who share their faith with their co-workers.

Eighteen-year-old Mohan Shazad grew up at the brick kilns. Like most workers there, his parents labor from sunrise to sunset making bricks. They earn the equivalent of about 5 U.S. dollars for every thousand bricks made. Each of them can make about 1,000 bricks per week. In a good week, the family will earn approximately 10 dollars.

Mohan says he longed to be used by God. At the urging of his pastor, he began to sell Christian literature at the brick kilns. Both Muslims and Christians alike bought the publications.

But the Muslim brick kiln owner didn’t like Mohan’s evangelistic outreach.

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