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ANS (03/06/06) – A mentally-retarded Christian woman has been accused of desecrating the picture of Khana Kabbah, the Muslims holy place in Saudi Arabia where millions of Muslims from around the world perform a pilgrimage every year.

Naseem Bibi, 30, the daughter of Chanan Masih, is a resident of Kot Fateh Din, a small town in the Kasur district.

According to the Pakistan Christian Post (PCP) a Muslim resident of the area came across a desecrated picture of Khana Kabba in Naseem Bibi’s street on Friday, March 3.

Assuming that the picture was hurled from Bibi’s house he rushed to her house and started shouting that Bibi had defecated on the picture.

Bibi’s accuser’s shouting invited attention of other Muslim residents who started thrashing her after learning the allegation that she had desecrated the picture.

One of Bibi’s accusers rang up the emergency police, who then came and arrested her.

The PCP report maintains that a member of Sharing Life Ministry Pakistan team met with the Station House Officer (SHO) of the local police station.

The SHO told him that according to his investigation Naseem Bibi was passing through the street when she saw a photo of American president Bush pasted on the wall bearing statement: “Bush is Dog”. She became aggressive; she went to her home and defecated on the picture of “Khana kahba” and threw it in the street.

A Muslim passerby speculated that someone had thrown the picture from the house of Chanan Masih, Bibi’s father. He entered the house of Chanan Masih and began yelling that Naseem Bibi had done shit on the picture of “Khana Kahba”.

According to the SHO the other Muslim residents of the area joined the chorus of indignation and started beating Naseem Bibi.

The PCP quoted the SHO as saying that the accused is mentally challenged and did not know what she did.

First Information Report (FIR) has not been registered yet as the SHO is trying to settle the matter and it is likely that he would release the accused without lodging FIR.

The accused is married and is living with her father, Chanan Masih who happens to be councilor.

Earlier, on February 16 lodging of FIR against a Christian who was accused of blasphemy was averted due to responsible attitude of Police.

According to reports, police picked up Mohsin, a Christian and owner of a net cafe, on February 16 after a Muslim boy accused him (Mohsin) of showing caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad on the Internet.

Police also arrested the complainant and found that the allegations were baseless. Mohsin, a resident of Youhanabad, which is the largest majority Christian area (about 0.2 million) in Lahore , spent several days in fear of a reprisal. Police resolved the case and helped avert a potential Christian-Muslim clash in Lahore .