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While Christians in America are familiar with “religious tolerance” and respecting other religions, millions of Christians around the world are not shown that same respect, and the Bible is often abused by radicals of other faiths living in other regimes.


By J. Grant Swank, Jr. (03/03/06)

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The Koran was placed for the first time in the White House library. It was a winter banquet prepared by host and hostess US President and Mrs. George W. Bush. Muslims from throughout the nation were invited—both males and females. The two genders ate in separate rooms with Mrs. Bush with the women and Mr. Bush with the men.

As the Koran was lifted high with honor that evening, it took its place in the Pennsylvania Avenue residence of the most powerful ruler on Earth.

Now when it comes to the Christians’ holy book, the Bible, it is shredded at Saudi Arabian airports. An attendant will not ask questions but will take the book to the nearby shredder as the tourist watches God’s Word destroyed.

If a quantity of Bibles is taken into the country—and found—the carrier will get several dozen whiplashes. If the confiscator concludes that the punishment should be more severe, the tourist could be executed for carrying divine revelation into Saudi Arabia .

Muslims in free countries demand—and I mean demand—all freedoms. They will not tolerate any discrimination whatsoever. Such web sites as the Council on American-Islamic Affairs (CAIR) instruct readers what authority to contact if there is any sign of alleged discrimination or so-called mistreatment of an Islamic in the United States .

Yet the American traveler to the Muslim country may be shot throw if he has a quantity of Bibles in his belongings. Executed or whip lashed. Consider the cost.

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