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ANS (03/03/06) – Ugandan “super police” have arrested Peter Waldron, an American Christian businessman, in Kampala , Uganda on trumped up charges.

According to the website the arrest was retaliation for a report that Waldron published detailing the riots in Kampala that occurred late in 2005.

An article on the site by Waldron’s friend Dave Racer says: “Peter broke no laws. This is a freedom of the press issue.”

Racer writes: “On February 21, 2006, police searched the home and property Waldron rented during the periods of time he lives in Kampala , Uganda . Waldron allowed the police to search, and they found nothing. Later, police came again and to Waldron’s astonishment, claimed to have found illegal weapons and ammunition in his garage. Waldron adamantly denies owning or storing guns of any kind.”

He says Police arrested Waldron and charged him with illegal possession of firearms.

Racer continues; “Later, a police spokesman alleged that Waldron is a terrorist, and that he conspired to create a Christian political party in Uganda . The charges stem from the publication of Waldron’s newsletter, The African Digest, published late in 2005. The entire document is available by clicking here. The digest contains a true story of Waldron’s view of riots that occurred in Kampala late in 2005. I encouraged Waldron to write the digest and, in fact, edited it for him.”

Racer says he has known Peter Waldron for nearly 20 years, but only began working with him during the last six months of 2005.

“I visited him and his family in Tampa , Florida during September, and while there, we discussed four book projects. As well, we discussed his work in Uganda , his relationship with President and Mrs. Museveni, his work with the born again Christians in Uganda . Never in our conversations then or since did Waldron ever discuss any political plans whatsoever for Uganda beyond rewriting his book, ‘Rebuilding the Walls,’ to apply to Ugandan life. He asked me to edit this project for him.”

Racer says Waldron has been arrested under false pretenses and charged with serious crimes “because he exercised the rights of a journalist, to freely and factually describe the Kampala riots. No journalist anywhere in any country that purports to advocate constitutional, democratic government should have to be so treated.”

Racer adds: “It is essential that American media and political leaders become engaged in this drama, and that our diplomatic corps immediately bring Peter Waldron safely back home.”


Racer’s advocacy website says Dr. Peter E. Waldron, 59, first went to Africa in 1969 as a consultant to the East African Development Bank. He served as a liaison between the newly independent sovereign governments of sub-Sahara Africa and multi-national corporations in Europe, North America and Asia . Other foreign assignments have included Lebanon , Iraq , Jordan , Syria , Afghanistan , Pakistan , and India .

The site says: “Since 2002, Dr. Waldron has worked fulltime in Uganda in an effort to facilitate the delivery of anti-retroviral drugs to HIV/AIDS infected patients. He currently supervises a pilot study at three Kampala hospitals representing a software application (ARVIMS) that, when deployed, will be the premier patient and pharmaceutical information management system of its kind in the world.

“While in Uganda , he has worked closely with the office of President Yoweri Museveni concerning HIV/AIDS and in discussions about the country’s political infrastructure. He has traveled extensively throughout the country and interacted with local leaders and citizens to such an extent as to gain an unfiltered understanding of their culture, worldview and mores.”

Racer says Dr. Waldron is the president of Contact America Group, Inc., the business structure through which he conducts his international work. In addition, he has served as an advisor to several candidates for public office, including Congress and the Office of the President of the United States .

“He has experience in TV, radio, magazine, and newspaper journalism, providing in-depth research on a variety of issues that were developed into special reports for The Washington Times in Washington , DC . These reports include, ‘The War against Women,’ which addresses the treatment of women by different world religions; ‘The Energy Crisis Report,’ an in depth study of the Alaska Natural Wildlife Refuge issue; ‘Making Men into Pillars of Society,’ a study of the American Evangelical men’s movement,” Racer explains.

Racer says that during the 1980s, Dr. Waldron hosted a national talk radio show heard in 300 cities and eight foreign countries. His national media appearances include Nightline, Charlie Rose, Crossfire, Maury Povich, and Sally Jesse Raphael. He has been a guest on scores of local radio, cable and TV broadcasts.

Dr. Waldron and his wife Pamela have been married for more than 26 years. They have five children, and own a home in Wyoming and Florida .

The Waldrons founded the Rising Stars Education and Sports Foundation in Florida , a juvenile crime prevention program for at-risk children. The character-based curriculum focuses on literacy, offering a strong after-school program in some of the worst crime zones and poorest neighborhoods on Florida ‘s West Coast.


Racer says that U.S. embassy staff in Kampala have been in touch with Peter Waldron and have informed his wife, who lives in the United States, that Peter has evidence of bruising, and blood in his urine. He was to have been taken for x-rays, but as of March 1, this has not been done yet.

Racer adds that a police official in Kampala states that the penalty for Peter’s offense is execution. Peter’s attorney says that official is wrong; the penalty is life in prison.

Anyone interested in advocating for the release of Peter Waldron may log-on to the website for information on how to do so.