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ICC Note

Thousands of Christians are persecuted and martyred each day for their faith, and yet there is rarely any news coverage of these atrocities.


The American Daily (02/28/2006)

By J. Grant Swank Jr.

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We get photos of mosques bombed. What about churches leveled?

In Pakistan , for instance, firebombs desecrated churches. And who are the ones setting loose the firebombs? They are Muslims.

Certain media are becoming edgy about publishing anything about Muslim carnage. That’s because Muslims have threatened certain members of the media and reporters. So the media plays safe.

That of course is the worst thing that could happen. Clamping down on real news is giving power to the enemy. The more the public remains ignorant of the Islamic bloody truth, the more Muslims move in.

What Muslims are doing is bloody. The pictures are not at all pretty. Then let the world read about it, look at it. The world can take it. Can the media take it, however? That’s the question.

Sometimes I think the media says when seeing churches burn: “Well, that’s what the Christians have to put up with. It’s not news. Persecution against believers. That’s part of the game. We have heard that before.” And so it does not make the newsfeeds at all, or goes to the last of the line.


The news of outrageous acts against Christians should be repeated daily by the major news channels. There should be no discrimination against Christians just because Christians are loving and peacekeeping.

To read the full story, click here: When Will Muslims Burning Churches Make Headlines