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ICC Note

A new group as formed in China to combat the human rights violations that occur in this country. Below is a statement from the group. Thousands of Christians are persecuted in China every year and are imprisoned and suffer unjustly.

Beijing Anti-Persecution Human Rights Support Group Announcement

The Epoch Times (02/23/06)

Beijing Human Rights Support Group

Anti-Persecution Human Rights Group Announcement

To save justice, to protect basic human rights; to effectively carry on a firm, peaceful, and rational protest together with the righteous people world wide; the Anti-Persecution Human Rights Support Group announced its establishment on February 23 in Beijing .

Whereas , the Chinese Communist Regime’s judiciary system has become the largest evil professional crime organization in the history of humankind; it has completely destroyed the judicial spirit and duty of upholding justice and basic human rights

Whereas , the Chinese Communist Regime has made this 9.6 million square kilometers of land a prison in which the suffering Chinese citizens have lived in fear of their lives thru generations

Whereas , the Chinese Communist Regime being a bloodthirsty regime, has killed innocent people indiscriminately, During the enormous political campaign, 80 million women men and children murdered; and more recently the Guangdong massacre where the armed military forces openly fired upon unarmed innocent villagers, the Chinese communist regime took no action in punishing the murderers nor providing any explanation to the innocent victims’ family;

Whereas , the army kills its own people, the police kills its own people, the regime deceives its own people, and the Chinese Communist regime uses violent organized criminals and thugs to suppress democracy and freedom advocates; even to the extent that a Beijing senior policeman said to a young Christian woman: “….Do you know what the mallet the judge uses in court is for? We use the mallet to hammer to death whoever we wish, to hammer you with as many years in labor camps as we wish…..”

Whereas , the Chinese communist regime’s dishonestly, immorally and illegally deprives the Chinese people’s freedom of speech and the right to practice one’s belief, especially the unparalleled tragedy of the unprecedented political persecution of Falun Gong started by Jiang Zemin, who unforgivably did so out of jealously and fear of losing power. It has been 7 years now, and the frenzied, monstrous evil crime of persecuting innocent Falun Gong’s “truthfulness, compassion and forbearance” believers is beyond one’s imagination and is still continuing; Whereas , the Chinese communist regime has used the most vile and despicable means to suppress human rights advocates Gao Zhisheng, Yang Zaixin, Liu Ruping, Zheng Yichun, Qi Zhiyong, Hu Jia, etc., to deprive them of their rights to tell the truth, to persist in justice, to preserve fairness, and all that is best in humanity;

Therefore , we will choose a day to jointly carry on the relay hunger strike to express our strongest formal protest

Meanwhile, we would like to express our utmost admiration to all domestic and overseas people who have used peaceful and rational means to protest against persecution for maintaining human dignity in China !

We salute the eight million brave people who lead the way to withdraw from the Chinese communist regime’s evil cult organizations!

Our utmost respect to the Falun Gong disciples, who under immense sufferings even at the risk of their lives are still determinedly clarifying the facts to the world with peaceful and rational ways!

Beijing Human Rights Support Group will make every endeavor to expose the Chinese Communist regime’s evil acts and we will strive to maintain the basic human rights for all Chinese people.

We call on all good people of the world to join “all Human rights anti-persecution protests and appeals” with a variety of peaceful and rational means—this is indeed the greatest spiritual awakening movement in the Chinese nation today.

Let time tell, let history remember.