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With the recent elect of the Hamas government in Palestine , Palestinian Christians are now targeted more than ever for their faith.

Gaza Violence Rises; Bible Society Threatened

Audrey Barrick

Christian Today (02/22/06)

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As Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas is set to hold talks on the formation of a new Palestinian government with Hamas leaders, the death toll continues to rise in the West Bank with the latest two killed in an Israeli air strike.

The death toll has risen to 4,957 since the September 2000 Palestinian uprising, according to a count by Agence France Presse, with the majority being Palestinian victims. Abbas and Western powers have renounced the violence of the militant groups which will be a part of the talks today. Recent reports, however, reveal armed militants in Gaza have threatened to blow up the building of the Palestine Bible Society Centre in Gaza city before the end of February.

Flyers containing the threats were distributed last week warning the landlord of the building to evict and shut down the Bible Society operations by Feb. 28 or they would blow up the place. Tenants were also warned to leave.

“We take this very seriously,” a spokesman of the Bible Society told the Open Doors ministry. “Their seriousness is already proved by the explosive device militants placed at the door of the Bible Society on Friday night, Feb. 3. Around 11 p.m., the bomb exploded, destroying the steel and glass doors.”

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