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GFA (02/22/06) – One of our Gospel for Asia native missionaries and several other believers are in jail today because of a radical Hindu plot to frame them for the murder of a child!

Even as the open persecution of Christians in India continues to increase, this is a new low in the efforts of these extremists to stop the spread of the Gospel. Now, more than ever, powerful prayer is needed to battle this spiritual evil!

The 16-month-old child was suffering from a prolonged illness and was under medical care near Udaipur , Rajasthan. Because the parents had quarreled with the pastor’s family over some land, when the child died the radical Hindus saw an opportunity to place the blame on the Christians.

Apparently, members of the local Hindu nationalist political party advised the parents to dash their dead child’s body against some rocks, breaking its bones. They then took the body to a doctor for a post-mortem examination.

Only after threats from the radical Hindus did the physician reluctantly file a false report, citing murder as the cause. Then the radicals advised the parents to file murder charges against Pastor Kasota and 10 other Believers Church members, including four other pastors, saying the murder was part of a plot to grab land for a church building.

My dear friend, this terrible incident is just one more example of how desperate the radical Hindus are in their efforts to stop lost people from hearing the Good News of Jesus Christ.

As I have said many times before, this is a spiritual battle, and such battles can only be won through prayer and fasting. So I call on you today to pray for these, our Christian brothers and sisters. Please pray that the accused will be granted bail, and that the police and courts will see through this sinister plot by the radicals.

Pray also that God will protect our pastors, their families and church members during this tense time. Pray that this incident will not be a hindrance to the sharing of the Gospel, and that this trap will be used by God for good, according to His purpose.

Thank you for your prayers at this critical time.

K.P. Yohannan

Founder & President

Gospel for Asia