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ICC Note

Pastor distributing tracts in slum area beaten and chased out by Hindu extremists.

VOMC – In recent weeks, the ministry of the Gospel Church of God in Indore , India has been targeted by Hindu militants. On January 30, Assistant Pastor Jojin was distributing tracts in slum areas of the city when he was accosted by members of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) who beat him and chased him out of the area.

On February 5, the attacks continued when approximately forty people entered the church compound as the pastors were preparing for the morning prayer service. The door of the church was smashed in and the mob began beating Pastor Jojin and Pastor Jijo, a trainee. Some Bibles were destroyed. Other Scripture portions and worship books were gathered up and removed from the church. The two pastors were paraded through the streets as the crowd humiliated and thrashed them on the way. When the police intervened, the injured pastors were first detained but later taken to the hospital. Three of the attackers have been arrested. The attackers have accused the pastors of misleading the public and preparing them to be converted to Christianity.

Pray that these men will recover fully from the attack. Pray that the congregation will continue to stand firm in reaching out with the message of the cross of Christ. Pray that the peace of Christ would rule in every heart.