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The violent reaction of radical Muslims to the offensive cartoons clearly illustrates some fundamental differences in the Christian faith and the Muslim faith – differences that make one a peaceful religion and the other a religion of despair, as the below article outlines.

Islam vs Christianity: no contest

By John Lawrence

Canada Free Press

Islam vs. Christianity: No Contest

I started out writing a Lite News column today, but the more that I wrote, the more the stark differences between Islam and Christianity peered back at me from the text. So I started over again.

In the latest ridiculous tit-for-tat offering from the muslim world, an Azerbaijani weekly publication has published cartoons that include Jesus and Mary. I am glad that they did this, and I hope that many more follow suit, because it is a stark illustration as to why I now fully agree with any form of press that publishes the cartoons of Mohammed that many have found to be offensive.

While many would cry that this is not a time to inflame the sensitivities of muslims, I would disagree. Many more still will state that we should respect people of other faiths. With that, I will also disagree. Keep reading, and perhaps by the time you get to the end of this column, you will understand my point.

Yesterday in Pakistan , a large group made up mainly of easily persuadable youth stormed into a secured area of Pakistan and proceeded to destroy icons of western civilization, including the complete gutting of a McDonald’s restaurant. Other targets included a Citibank and a Kentucky Fried Chicken. Three more people, including a child, lost their lives in the senseless violence that some in the muslim community feel the need to encourage.

I stated that I hope that many more muslim countries print what they deem offensive comics aimed at the West. I believe that these acts highlight a few points much better than any western writer could. For one, it shows the complete hypocrisy of those publishers, who, on a normal day, will call themselves muslims. You see, for the last two weeks, we have been told that the real issue here is the West’s intolerance and disrespect for Islam. We have been accused of publishing and republishing the cartoons of mohammed (small ‘m’ on purpose) to intentionally slight those of the islamic faith.

As part of their outrage, muslims have stated that any depiction of the prophets of their faith is blasphemy. We are also told that they consider Jesus a prophet. How then is it that a muslim publisher can publish images of Jesus? Is there no one who will point out this blatant act of blasphemy back to this bunch?

I don’t know what response those who published the cartoons is expecting, but I can guarantee a few things. Westerners will not throttle muslims in response. We will not burn down the Azerbaijani embassy. We will not run out and burn our neighbors’ cars. Do you know why? Because our nation follows a different code of ethics. Our nations are based on the Scripture of the Hebrew prophets, whose underlying message was love and hope, not despair and hate.

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