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ICC (02/17/06) – The Assemblies of God Church in Bolatha, Gampaha District, was threatened by a mob and the service disrupted on the 22nd of January.

On the 6th of February, the pastor of the Church was called to the police station again for an inquiry. He was forced to agree that they would hold services only for the Christians in the Bolatha village and stop members of the congregation who are from other villages from attending the services.

On the 12th of February (Sunday), about 15 persons gathered outside the Church gate and asked each person coming to the Church what village they were from. Those who were not from Bolatha were chased away. The Police was called in again by the pastor and he clarified that the previous undertaking was not a choice on his part but one obtained under pressure. He further stated that any person has a right to worship at a church or temple of his choice and that he cannot ask his congregation members to stay away.

The congregation members are anxious to return to their Church for worship as usual. They will be gathering at the Church for service this Sunday, even though they will be very vulnerable to attack or intimidation.

Please pray very specially for these precious men, women and children. Thank God for their courage and faithfulness. Please pray also for the young pastor and his wife, for God’s wisdom, guidance and peace.

They may not have protection from any earthly authority but we know that our God in heaven is their Protector and their Shield.