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VOMC (02/15/06) – The Gaza office of the Palestine Bible Society has been forced to close according to a February 14 report from Middle East Concern. The Bible Society received a letter from militants demanding that the Bible Society completely close down their operations and not reopen anywhere else in Gaza . They also demanded that the landlord evict them from the building by February 28. If these demands were not met, the letter warned, all residents should leave the building because on March 1 it would be blown up. A bomb was placed outside the office to reinforce the threat.

As a result of the letter, the landlord has demanded that the office close, at least for the time being. The building also houses several Muslim families.

Palestinian Christians are asking for our prayers to find a balance in their approach. They ask that we pray that they will trust the Lord’s protection and not simply give in to the threats they have been receiving. At the same time, we are requested to pray that they will be sensitive to the safety of their team, the fearfulness of their Muslim neighbors and their landlord’s demands.