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Man detained in connection with beheading of Christian women

by Benteng Reges

AsiaNews (02/15/06)

Man Detained in Connection with Beheading of Christian Women

Indonesian police is interrogating a terrorist suspect in Poso (central Sulawesi ) in connection with the decapitation of three young Christian women last October. He is thought to be linked to one of Indonesia ’s most wanted men, Noordin Top.

Sahal Alamry, 31, also known as Narto, is currently in custody at the national police headquarters in Jakarta . He was captured in Poso by a special anti-terror team last Friday after Subur Sugiarto, a Bali bombing suspect and terror recruitment specialist, provided relevant information.

According to Senior Commissioner Bambang Kuncoko, Sahal Alamry could be linked to the country’s number one fugitive, Malaysian terrorist Noordin Moh Top. “Police is still investigating the case,” Kuncoko said.

Central Sulawesi Police Chief Brigadier General Oegroseno said that Sahal is widely known in Poso as an ustadt or Islamic guru at Adnan Arsal’s Alamanah Pesantren (an educational and boarding house complex).

Months ago, Indonesian Vice President Jusuf Kalla said he believed Adnan Arsal might be involved in the October 29decapitation of the three young Christian women.

Arsal, who objected to Kalla’s allegations, protested against Sahal Alamry’s arrest, saying that the “police is orchestrating a plan to make one of my teachers look like a follower of Noordin Moh Top”.