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(Middle East Concern) The Bible Society in Gaza is requesting prayer following receipt of a threatening letter. They rent a shop in a building that also houses several families. Extremists have told:

1. The Bible Society to close down completely and not reopen anywhere else in Gaza 2. The landlord to evict them by 28th February 3. All residents to leave the building if Bible Society remains on the 1st March because they are going to blow up the whole building.

A bomb was placed outside the shop last week to reinforce the threat.

In response, their landlord has demanded that they close down, at least for the time being, and the neighbours, who are Muslims, have become very fearful.

Palestinian Christians ask for our prayers that they find a balance amongst:

a. Trusting in the Lord’s protection

b. Not giving into threats

c. A responsible attitude towards the safety of their team, the fearfulness of their Muslim neighbours and the landlord’s demand that they close for a while.