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Priest in Turkey Receiving Police Protection

Turkey , ( A priest who was assaulted by a group of Muslim youth reported that he is “calm” and that Turkish police are now providing more protection.
Father Martin Kmetec, a Conventual Franciscan, was assaulted last Thursday in his church of St. Helena in Izmir by a group of youths who shouted: “We will kill you all.”
The Slovenian religious told ZENIT that he feels “a bit afraid, as my name has appeared everywhere, and if someone is seeking revenge, he will know where to find me.”
Father Kmetec said that the Turkish police did not react initially, but did respond when a third party reported the threats.
The priest said that after the police visited his parish, he went to see the chief of police, “and the attitude there was very different.” Officials in charge of investigating terrorism and organized crime got involved in the case.
Since then, the police have posted uniformed and plainclothes officers in front of the church.