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Iranian president outlaws new converts.

Iran (MNN)– Iran ‘s President has dealt a severe blow to believers by outlawing Muslims who convert to Christianity.
The trend against believers has been toward persecution since 2004. In mid-2004, church leaders were arrested. Since 2005’s election, many have not only been rounded up for harassment, but many have been arrested and beaten.
Ethnic Christians are still allowed to express their faith within their own church walls, but those who come from a Muslim background face tremendous risk because the government wants them to return to Islam.
According to one ODM worker (unnamed for security reasons), the word is that mayors have been given the order to crack down on all Christian cell groups.
Because the churches are forbidden to assist any Muslim background believers, many ethnic churches removed their support from their brothers and sisters of Muslim origin.
The new policy threatens evangelism and discipleship efforts. This same worker says Muslim background believer cell groups are now meeting in secret. Without adequate teaching and training, they risk heresy.
While meeting in secret makes in harder for the government to find them, it also means that it’s tough to get support from agencies. Continue to pray for not only the new believers, but also that the existing church would find ways to disciple them in their faith.