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(AGI) – Vatican City , 8 Feb – Don Andrea Santoro risks “being killed a second time, diluting or thwarting the meaning of his martyrdom”.
This was announced by AsiaNews, according to which in this direction “the first step made by the Turkish government and all those that wish to minimize his death, by saying that it was only caused by a young unbalanced young man and that the religious element is not important”.
It is all the same wrong, “To continue to say that the path of the religious conflict is not valid”, according to the Pontiff’s Foreign Mission Institute – “Anakra put guards and security at all churches and religious objectives in the country. Even members of the Italian government declared to media that – ” Turkey is a very secularized country, and that the priest’s killing should not be looked upon as an Anti-Christian act”.
According to AsiaNews, “Behind the hand of the murderer, we have a much larger connivance. There is above all that which belongs to the governments igniting the fires of the Islamic scandal”. ” The Violence in Syria , Lebanon , Iran , Iraq , and Afghanistan “, underlines a note, “are difficult to think of as having taken place without the support, payment and satisfaction of Damasco and Tehran “.
“Another step towards frustration is completed”, continues the Missionary Agency “by the European parliament who by desiring to incorporate Turkey in the economic community, makes requests on the freedom of the market, but forgets to ask for full religious liberty for a country that is very secularized, and does not allow Christian churches to have seminars, schools, or to own houses, guaranteeing stability to the people and communities that lived in Turkey many centuries before Islam”.
For AsiaNews aside from killing the testimony of Don Andrea, those who “transform him into a prophet of multiculturalism and of the dialogue beforehand, are afraid to confirm the clear and beautiful Christian identity of this priest”. “If we read the reflections made by the priest, we realize that he did not go to Turkey because he was spurned by the faded dialogue, or by the desire to do good for the poor and the derelicts, but because of his desire to revive the Church, Corpus Cristi. And from this came all of his commitment towards the poor and the prostitutes, as well as his dialogue with Islam and with Hebraism .
Don Andrea Santoro’s sacrifice, which was remembered today by the Pope in his General Audience, induced a deep reflection : “If the West wants to really win over fundamentalism, concludes AsiaNews, it needs to work towards insisting that Islamic countries have full liberty to act and speak with Christians and other religions. The same has to be done by other Middle Eastern countries if they truly wish to prove that Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance. (AGI) .