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Iraqi Church Bombings Linked to Cartoon Protests

A recent spate of violence against Christians in Iraq has been attributed to the angry protests against the caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed printed in several European newspapers.
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A spate of church bombings in Iraq have been linked to the protests that have taken place across Europe, the Middle East and parts of Asia in response to the caricatures of the Prophet Mohammad published in a number of European newspapers.
At least three people were killed and more than a dozen injured in three separate bombings outside at least four churches in Iraq which observers suspect were timed to detonate during worship services. The bombings follow the beating of Christian students on Sunday, reports Crosswalk.
Meanwhile AsiaNews reported that the daily threats, kidnappings, discrimination and bomb attacks against Christians in Iraq , including recent bombings targeted against Christians in the places of worship in Kirkuk and Baghdad , reveal a “hidden reality of persecution”.
So far, one Catholic and two Muslims have been killed by the recent anti-Christian violence in Iraq , with nine left injured.