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Gao Zhisheng is a human rights lawyer who has been working hard for the rights of not only Christians, but Falun Gong members, and others in China who are persecuted for their faith. Gao is a Christian and his life has been threatened many times for his faith.

Gao Zhisheng and Others Propose to Establish a Hunger Strike Support League

By Gao Zhisheng

Epoch Times

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It is very surprising to see that in recent years the Chinese Communist regime has been carrying out atrocious underground actions toward citizens who peacefully defend basic human rights while obeying the law. These measures include illegal and brutal beatings, abduction, imprisonment, and even murder. This phenomenon predicts the coming end of a brutal dictatorship, which despises humanity and works against human civilization and morality.

In this evil system, the corrupted judicial system is its most brutal component. The Public Security Bureau, the People’s Procuratorate, and the Supreme Court ridiculously but inevitably have become violent tools that are used to stop citizens from appealing by law. The environment for citizens to defend their rights has deteriorated fast in the past half year.

During the incidence in Taishi Village , the evil force of the government of Guangdong Province was extremely aggressive against peaceful citizens. The silence of the Central government has encouraged evil forces in different areas to follow suit: violent assaults against professor Ai Xiaoming, lawyer Tang Jingling and lawyer Guo Yan; the detention of more than ten villagers as well as of lawyer Guo Feixiong; violence assaults toward famous members of human rights activities in Beijing: Zhao Xin, Qi Zhiyong, Xu Zhiyong, Hu Jia, Li Fangping; the frequent threatening of lawyer Gao Zhisheng; violent assaults on Chen Guangcheng in Shandong Province. More incidents have occurred over the last several days: the secret police once again encircled Guo Feixiong’s family, followed his wife and his child, taking photographs and videotaping them; Tang Jingling and Guo Feixiong were violently assaulted; citizen Chen Hua in Shangdong Province was assaulted only because he went to visit Chen Guangcheng, a blind man who has been monitored by the secret police of Shandong Province for months now.

The human rights situation has rapidly deteriorated and the judicial system is becoming the most cruel force against citizens who are trying to maintain their basic rights. Citizens who are persecuted are helpless. Because of these and because of the evil forces’ bold and illegal persecution toward individual citizens in China, we hereby advocate and establish the Hunger Strike Group to Support Human Rights .

This support league is against persecution and violence. Once fully established, it will carry out symbolic hunger strikes to support citizens who have encountered violence and illegal persecution inside and outside of China. This includes workers, farmers, intellectuals, people with religious beliefs, and also members within the CCP system, political field, army, and public security system (including appealers from different areas and members of the democratic movement). This also includes overseas citizens who have been subjected to brutal persecution, such as refugees from North Korea who were severely persecuted by the Chinese government over the last two years.

We will support them by hunger strike. This kind of hunger strike will not distinguish between nationality, race, geographical area, religious belief, degree of education, or status of wealth. The format of the hunger strike can be relayed in different areas. The members of the league can gather in an appropriate place in each area (for example, in Beijing city, they could gather at the Shengzhi Law Office) to hold a hunger strike.

Every member of the league joins for a one-day hunger strike in his area. After the hunger strike has lasted five days in a certain area, it will rotate to another area, e.g. an area in Shanxi Province. A daily journal regarding the hunger strike efforts will be published for the world to witness. The support league will initiate the hunger strikes. Hunger-strike support for every victim will be relayed throughout all areas by the league members. The hunger strike relay will continue circulating throughout the country until the illegal persecution ends.

When the size of the support league has grown to a certain scale, the league can adjust its form and location to accommodate big incidents such as the recent shootings and persecution in Shanwei.

Whoever wants to join the support league, please sign up:

Gao Zhisheng, Ma Wendu, Guo Feixiong, Zhao Xin, Hu Jia, Qi Zhiyong, Wang Guoqi, Qian Yumin, Ren Wanting, Jia Jianying, Yang Jing, Li Hai, Gao Jie (Japan), Teng Biao (represented by Gao Zhisheng), Li Heping (represented by Gao Zhisheng), Tian Yongde (Inner Mongolia), Du Daobin (Wuhan city)