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ICC Note:
ICC has reported over the past year and half that Northern militias are still roaming the South and clashing with Sourthern forces. Our sources in Sudan tell us that the North has no intention of letting the South secede.

Seven killed in southern Sudan clashes

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KHARTOUM, Sudan (Reuters) — Some seven people were killed in southern Sudan in clashes between renegade armed militias and the south Sudan army despite a 2005 peace deal to end Africa’s longest civil war there, officials said Monday.

“There have been clashes between elements of the SSDF and the SPLM,” said U.N. spokeswoman Radhia Achouri. The South Sudan Defense Forces, or SSDF, are the largest southern militia who allied themselves to the north and fought against the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement during the bitter civil war.

Achouri could not confirm the number of dead in the fighting over the past few days but said the United Nations had helped to evacuate 14 injured from Jonglei. The clashes had now ended.

Matip told reporters on Monday at least seven were killed, but denied the clashes involved renegade elements of the South Sudan Defense Forces, adding it was just tribal conflict over water and cattle.

“Gordon Kong has no troops with him,” Matip said. “He is in Khartoum , and the northern military intelligence is giving him arms and people to protect him.”

Matip said these actions by northern military intelligence — his former allies — raised doubts over their desire to keep Sudan unified.