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ICC (02/07/06) – At approximately 11 am in the morning, a man arrived at the Dutch reformed Church in Galle , on a motorcycle, looking for the Pastor in charge. The Pastor was not in at this time, only the caretaker and the Pastor’s wife were there. The man made verbal threats that if the Pastor visited the area of Hikkaduwa (Galle District) again, they will cut off his limbs and kill him. The man continued to make obscene and derogatory statements against Jesus Christ and Christians.

The Dutch Reformed Church in Galle is one of the oldest Churches in Sri Lanka , built over 300 years ago.

There is information that anti-Christian elements in the Galle District have made a list of prominent Christian clergymen from various denominations. This raises questions as to whether the above situation is an isolated incident or the beginning of a plot to unleash a wider circle of violence.

In a previous related incident, Christians in the village of Werellana in Hikkaduwa received 2 threatening letters, with threats to kill the Dutch Reformed Church Pastor and the Christians in the village if the Pastor visited them again for services and prayer. A Police entry has been made in this regard.